Unexpected routes
À la recherche des pépites...

Geological curiosities, monuments and legends : this selection of unexpected routes will invite you to travel and to contemplation on the Espaces Trail ...

La Pierre Percée

9,5 km | 390m+ | Level : Easy

Let yourself be transported by the power of the nature who will guide you to the Pierre Percée, one of the 7th marvels of Dauphiné. On top of the Creys hill, you will be able to admire a beautiful panoramic view of the Matheysine.

Le Malzieu-Ville (Lozère)
La Porte des Fées

11,9 km | 310m+ | Level : intermediate

In the Gevaudan valley, there is a lot of legends. Discover the secret of la Porte des Fées. Once at the top, admire the majestic view of the Truyère Gorges.

Iffendic (Bretagne)
Tour des Landiers du loup

9,5 km | 180m+ | Level : Intermediate

Hear the call that comes from the Tremelin lake. Maybe you will be able to pull Excalibur out of his rock, or let yourself be guide to the valley of the Chambre au loup. A change of scenery guaranteed!